Princess Maker 2 was one of many older games that I wanted to see officially released over in western countries. This one of few I had hope in it being translated, for one major reason… The creators had attempted to translate it before. In 1995, a group of friends became interested in this game. Luckily for them, Gainax was looking for someone to license the game, and so work began under the company name of  Adventions. By the time Princess Maker 2 was ready, Windows 95 was also ready, and no-one had any interest in MS-DOS games. Adventions then shut down, as the owner of it, who was one of the group of 4 friends, Took a new job at Westwood Studios. And so, SoftEgg was created to handle selling the game…

One of the companies SoftEgg tried to sell the game too, claimed that there was a company named Ignite that wished to buy the game. SoftEgg sent this company a couple of CDs to show what the game was. SoftEgg was not given a reasonable logo to put in-game, and so they had to draw it themselves. By the time the final cd was sent to Ignite. They had already shown off the beta version of the game in a tradeshow in Atlanta. A bit later on, SoftEgg to contact Ignite, and it turned out they were also known as Graphix Zone.They went to Graphix Zone’s headquarters and found out they were empty. Eventually, the found Graphix Zone using a building bearing the name of a completely different company.  SoftEgg tried to withdraw from the contract, once they realized Ignite was about to go bankrupt.

As this was a 3-company deal, Ignite, Gainax, and SoftEgg all had to sign a paper to end the contract. The representative of Ignite said that he would only sign the contract if he was last. By the time SoftEgg had contacted Gainax, Ignite had gone under and they had to negotiate with the administrator assigned to fully shut down Ignite. This was incredibly complicated as SoftEgg was never able to talk to her directly, and the one time he got in touch with her lawyer he realized that they most likely wanted to license the game to another company while not having to pay SoftEgg or Gainax for it. SoftEgg simply dropped the fight…

You may be thinking now, “HUH! This isn’t a triumphant story at all”! But of course, you haven’t read the end… Gainax kept on making Princess Maker games, including an updated re-release of Princess Maker 2 on Windows. Eventually, this remake got translated and released on steam, with Princess Maker 1&3 released on steam afterward.  Princess Maker 1 & 2, at the time of this writing, has 9/10 stars with 3 lacking at only 6/10.


Princess Maker 1 on Steam

Princess Maker 2 on Steam

Princess Maker 3 on Steam

SoftEgg’s official telling of this story


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