miku-says-hello.pngMany Miku Miku Dance models are of, well… Miku! and while it’s great to have those, it’s fantastic to have other MMD models in your collection. Like for example these 5 models:

  • SeeU by Kanahiko-chanmmd__seeu__dl__by_kanahiko_chan-d9672lv
  • CV Gumi Megpoid by CarleighEcv_gumi_megpoid__4000_page_views__by_carleighe-d6asswk
  • Emily by VanillaBear3600emily__cute_bunny_girl__mmd_dl__by_vanillabear3600-dahdimv
  • IA Rocks by Trackdancermmd_ia_rocks__unofficial__by_trackdancer-da2yvhj
  • Megurine Luka V4X by REMmaplemegurine_luka_v4x_by_remmaple-d93i5b0

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